How To Promote Digital Marketing Agencies On Social Media

 Promote your digital Marketing Agency the Right Way

In this article, I will share with digital marketers how best to promote a digital agency on social media and I hope you will benefit from it. 

Social media marketing agencies promote other people’s businesses online but may have not given a thought to how beneficial it is to promote their own businesses. Even with a tight schedule, it is advisable for any agency that aims to be in the business for long to consider putting up a strategy to stand out from the many agencies that are coming up every day.

Clients, some of them, won’t just buy into an offer without doing some digging and research. And to do that, the first place to start is your social media page or website. Imagine how disappointed your prospective clients will be if they find an empty page.

While trying to get your client to hire you or putting in much effort in pitching, digital marketing agencies need to pay attention to their social media pages and sites as well. That is simply charity beginning at home. It is not often a good sign for a digital marketing agency to leave their social media page idle and inactive for long. Prospective clients may decide to check around before buying your service.

One may wonder how important it is for a marketing agency to maintain social media management instead of focusing on making their client’s campaign better, but the fact is that the number of people that will be on social media by 2027 will grow to 6 billion from 3.6 billion it is today. 

To carry out a successful promotion of your agency on social media, you need to pay attention to the following:

Choose The Perfect Social Media Channel For Your Agency

As a digital marketing agency, you already know by now that there are social media platforms that have more relevance for your business than others. You don’t need to be in every channel to make your brand’s presence known. You don’t need to stretch yourself thin either to build a sizable audience or following. The aim of your media presence should be:

  • To showcase your works to a prospective audience

  • To connect with professionals.

There are  up to 100+ social media sites presently, but there are three platforms that should make the list among many: 

3 Best Channels for Digital Marketing Agency To Be 

Linkedin: LinkedIn comes to mind when you aim to get leads to your business through social media. It is a network of professionals and as one, your agency needs to put a firm stand and visibility on it.

Aside from being the number 1 recruiting website, where you find professionals searching for jobs, recruiting talents, and networking, Linkedin also accounts for  80% of all the B2B leads on all the social media platforms. 

On LinkedIn, agencies can post relevant and agency-related content and build up a following of like-minded followers. 

You can easily link up with other professionals and leading industries in your field. This way, you get closer to what is happening and from who.

Your network of clients can also share their satisfaction with your business and give you recommendations. You never can tell who is watching.

Along with a personal profile page, a company profile can be created and used alongside a personal profile. However, Linkedin paid ads are expensive and some small companies don’t have the budget to pull it off.

Facebook : Facebook is still the number and largest social media network in the world. With its ups and downs, Facebook's relevance as a digital marketing company is still effective. It accounts for up to 2.6 billion monthly active users and 1.7 billion daily active users. That figure alone can not be ignored. 

However, Facebook can best be used to:

  • Targeted Ads

  • Building brand awareness. 

Again, the Facebook group feature still provides one of the most effective tools for building a community around a brand, though the feature is available on other platforms, yet, they are not as widely used as Facebook's.

Instagram: For visual content creators, Instagram is a sure place to be. Young adults between the ages of 18 - 29 years are actively using Instagram in the USA according to statistics. Known for its high-quality visual content, agencies can utilize it to share the quality of works they have done with their followers. Features like the Instagram reel and Instagram carousel can be utilized to make a visitor convinced at once of the authenticity and experience that you are indeed able to handle whatever he has.

Social Media Strategy  For Digital Marketing Agency

Every social media strategy starts with a goal. The same applies to digital agencies on social media. 

Digital marketing is broad, so identify the services you deliver, your ideal customers and the industry you will focus on. This is known as done while creating your marketing strategy or when setting up your buyer persona:


   Ideal Customers: Small to Medium Businesses

   Type of Industry: Men's Fashion 

 Services To Render: Social Media Management, Content Creator, Email       Marketing, or more.

With that sorted out, you decide the type of content you will be creating to attract those clients. Make sure to create content that will resonate with your prospective clients.

The 80/20 rule can be helpful in determining what you need to put up. The rule simply means posting 80% of educational content and 20% of promotional content.

Keeping the rule in mind while posting has a magical effect on the minds of your followers because they tend to see your posts as selfless and informative. With that, they tend to keep close to your page even when they don't have any immediate need for your services.  

Content creation and posting can be made less tasking with social media management software, there are social media management tools that will help in monitoring,  listening and scheduling posts.  Hootsuite and Sendible are few of the paid services but I advise new agencies with little budget to go for the free social media management tools like Facebook business suite as it has both Facebook and Instagram management in one place, all for free. 

Collaborate with Other agencies, Don’t compete

As a digital marketing agency, you can’t possibly know it all or have all the resources and tools at your calling. Digital marketing is a field that changes so quickly and often. A little change in policy, technology or algorithm will assuredly affect some strategy you have set up. For this reason, it will be a good business move to see other marketing agencies more as friends than competitors. Mentioning or sharing another agency’s work on your page doesn’t only make your page rich in content but it builds confidence in prospective clients visiting your page  that you are grounded in your field and know your way around. Aside from that, they see your agency as one that is not self centered.

Follow relevant and top rated digital agencies as well, learning how they do things differently and finding the best balance to strike in your own brand. 

Be And Talk Like A Thought Leader

Authority and Authenticity still matter in social media. Proof of your past work, training, or seminars helps to cement the fact that you know the in and out of your craft. As an agency, you shouldn’t shy away from posting the mistakes you made in the past and offering advice for young agencies to learn from you. 

Tip: The more you post content and share industry-relevant links or articles or advice on your page, the more you are seen as an expert. 

On social media, never underestimate the power of the people(followers/fans), they actually are the ones that decide who is an expert. 

Consistently, putting up content, be it surveys or new trends automatically positions you as an authority. So, share content freely and often.

In summary, it is a hard job to handle both promoting your agency business and keeping up with your clients at the same time. Yet, it is still harder to attract the wrong client or no client at all. The rules are not set in marble, be flexible in execution and iterate to find the best strategy for your business.

For inspiration, you are always free to pay a visit to other profiles and get creative.

I hope you find your acres of diamond in this article or next. Drop a comment if you find it helpful.