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Stand Out On Your LinkedIn Profile With These 6 Steps: For the Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

How To

 Optimize LinkedIn Profile For More Visibility

Do you know that about 80% of B2B marketing leads from all social media platforms come through LinkedIn.

In this article, I will share with you the few things that will make your profile stand out from the many pages and profiles that abound in the linkedin platform.

This article is not to get followers, but to stand out when recruiters or prospective clients visit your page.

Remember that Linkedin is built with professionals in mind, so for you to stand out in the linkedin platform, you must set your profile as a professional. 

One way to do this is to build your profile showcasing your expertise in the niche in the most natural and informative ways you can

When prospects visit your page, they either stay and make a
connection with you or just leave. Below are the places to watch and make adjustments so as to make them stay or connect with you.

1. Your Profile Image

People are mostly judgmental and they will make judgments on a daily basis, often within the first few seconds of meeting you. That is how we are wired. 

Your profile page is where the people meet for the first time and you may not know what judgment they pass about you or the profession you claim to have. Your profile  must try to communicate clearly the needs, the wants, the pains and the desires of your target audience. And it will all start with your profile image.

Profile Images: Pictures always speak louder than words and they tell a lot. For this reason, you must choose a high quality solo image of yourself with a plain background and it should look professional too. Don’t use a selfie or group picture or some low quality shoot that has low-quality poor lighting. Be intentional.

For cover pictures, you can use a group picture you took with a relevant influencer in your niche or a picture of yourself speaking at an event, or any other thing that shows your success as a professional. These pictures will first of all show any visitor that you know what LinkedIn is for and you are in for it

2. Your  Profile Headline 

A LinkedIn headline is the section in a LinkedIn user's profile where you describe in 220 characters or less what you do. Your linkedin headline should entice readers to click your profile to learn more about you and the profession you represent.

No business owner would get by so easily if he or she is either not good at speaking or writing. The reason is not far-fetched because the mark of good education lies in expressing your thoughts clearly in either written or verbal form.  For that, in your profile headline aim to use the relevant keywords that your prospective customers use when searching for your skill. Include your degrees, awards, honorary mentions, certifications, or anything else that makes you stand out. And it doesn't necessarily have to be as a sentence. This little twerk helps your profile come up during searches 

3. Your Bio/ About us 

Always remember that “About Me” is not really about you. About me is all about the reader who wants to know why they will need your services. It is always advisable to use your prospective customers' language to describe your service and how you can use it in solving your client’s problem. Tell a short story if possible. Your about us page should cover all or most of these:

  • Who you are
  • What do you offer
  • Where you are based
  • How people can contact you
  • Write to your target audience
  • Include how you can help them with your services
  • Don’t boast or make exaggerated claims (They have seen that a lot on adverts and they are fed up with it.)
  • Write from your heart, be human

You can peep at other companies’ pages to see how it looks. .

4. Customize your Linkedin profile and make it simple 

Linkedin url is the link that brings people to your LinkedIn profile page. It leads the clients to see at once all you are capable of doing.

These days, a Linkedin profile url is required in many job applications. So make your LinkedIn profile url short and meaningful.

To view your profile and edit:

Tap  your Profile photo >

>View Profile >

>Click Edit public profile and url on the right side

>Under Edit your custom url on the right side ,

click the >> Edit icon next to your public profile url

5. Publish Relevant Contents

Content is still king. Creating relevant content always has the same effect on almost all social media platforms, and they organically helpful in building your follower.

Remember that your profile headline said you are a professional, so your content should agree. Content must not necessarily be a 1000 word post,  a helpful link, daily tips or relevant news or research findings in your field is good enough. The latest trends too in your field are welcome. When your contents are ready, post them on a timely basis and be consistent too as this will get you noticed much faster and followed by like-minded people.

6. Groups You Belong To And How Active You Are In Them

Your profile, besides every other thing, gets as serious as the groups you are a member of.  Don’t fill your profile with junk groups that has no relevance to your claimed profession. LinkedIn is for professionals, remember? So, find relevant groups whose aims and objectives revolve around your skill. By doing this, 

  • You are exposing yourself to new clients and connections.
  • You are solidifying your claim to your profession.

When prospects get across your page or profile and see the groups you belong to and maybe if you are active in the group; which you need to be, at least to some certain degree, you get the chance of being recognized as an expert in your niche

In summary, whether you feel it is unnecessary to spend some time and write a good profile page/profile, remember that a good LinkedIn profile can be a gateway to landing a new and better career opportunity.

I hope this piece of article points you on the right path in your search



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