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300K Twitter Followers in 2.5 years : A case study and guide





Social media copywriters are people that write compelling and persuasive content for businesses or brands for marketing purposes or adverts to elicit responses like engagement or shares.


A social media copywriter is tasked with writing posts(long or short) for his/her company or client.


Writing is never an easy task and a social media task isn’t either.

To excel in social media copywriting, some soft skills are needed to make the job easy for anybody


1.            Good Written Language Grasp

Copywriting requires understanding the basic tenets and rules of the intended language of copy choice. It is true that in copywriting, rules of grammar are sometimes broken and that is for good reason, yet, you will need to understand the language rules so as to break them intentionally.

  Inasmuch as you don’t need a qualification or proficiency test in the use of any language to be a good copywriter you must be given to language and its rules, spellings, and punctuations.

 That is just simple as that  

2.    Avid And Fast Reading Skill

No sooner has one begun to read does he begin to master the use of words.

There is no other way to gain more knowledge other than listening watching and reading.

An intended social media copywriter must pay attention to read as much as possible, contents, articles and books that will give him knowledge about people, his niche of writing and business in general.

Being a fast reader will add to his information gathering rate, though slow readers can improve on their reading speed with practice.

Aside fastness, copywriters are expected to be on top of their industry news. Keeping updated and informed on latest trend and news that pertains to the industry of the job.

An up-to-date copywriter will sooner than later gain audience trust in getting a detailed and diluted information about the industry.


3.                       Social Media Tech Savvy

Social Media technology has proven to be a very complex environment for some people. The same shouldn’t apply to an intended social media copywriter.

The life of social media copywriter will most times be lived on the social media platform he is writing on. Understanding the social media platform will only make the job easier and remove unnecessary fear in making a tweak in his post.

Twitter has fewest characters for post of all social media platforms. It made provision for just 280 characters; Instagram allows up to 2,000 while Facebook allow up to 63,000 characters.

Understanding these basic requirements will get you equipped to craft content for each.


4.                       Creative and Innovative

I understand creativity in social media copy as writing what others have already written but from a different point of view and angle.

The chance that you will be promoting or writing for a brand that is a monopoly in its field is almost zero. Pretty every niche, brand, or company has its competitor online, and you are not the only copywriter writing for that niche.

What I mean is that for you to succeed as a copywriter, innovating and getting creative with your copy is important.   

Rewriting your copy for different platforms and for different people should be on your Must-do List.

Rewriting other people’s content to suit your audience too is accepted so far you didn’t just copy and paste.

Breaking the rules of grammar for your audience (so far they understand you) is welcome.

Using different tones and voices for different copy is great so far it resonates with your audience.

And don’t be afraid to experiment once in a while with your copy and with your audience. You can’t just predict the copy that will go viral.

You can find creativity and innovation in following closely the experiments and outcomes of copy experts like David Ogilvy and reading


5.                        Internet And Deep Research Skills

It is not enough to just understand the social media platform. Understanding the engine social media platforms ride on is also needed. Writing will undoubtedly take you to places and web pages you never imagine to find yourself.

From software to tools to make your job easy to sites where will get authentic information for your writing.

Wherever it takes you on the internet, you will need good internet skills and deep research skills to go for what you need and leave the rest.  

It can be very easy and tempting to get drowned and get lost in the vast ocean of information flying over on the internet.

 Researching only what you need and knowing when to get the heck out with that is often an underrated skill.





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