Use this free Software to write your Project Content Body seamlessly


In this article, I will be sharing how you can write your project's content body faster and better.

If you are a college student writing your final year project or master’s thesis, there is no guess you will be putting in a lot of writing time to round up your finals. And you will need to communicate clearly and effectively in your writings. That can be a huge hurdle to jump through, especially if you have had your tests, experiments and questionnaire ready and complete.

Below, you will find help on how to make the best use of your time with the available free tech services at your disposal. So, stay with me.

Although, nobody expects you to deliver a perfect or artistic literary work, you are not writing a novel in the first place or at least not just yet. Besides, expressing your thoughts and ideas with clarity is often a remarkable quality that should accompany sound and quality education. So, you need it at least for the project work.  And that is where Grammerly comes into play

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free cloud based software that is harnessing the power of natural language processing and machine learning to help people communicate with confidence, and it mostly offer her services in  written forms like emails, chat, social media posts, comments, blogs or big projects like book writing or projects like yours.

Why go for Grammarly

Grammerly has actually been around for more than a decade with a track record of wide usage and acceptance by some of the leading companies and individuals. So, that is more reason to go with grammarly too. If professionals are cool with it, I mean, why can’t you

How to use Grammarly in Your Project work

Grammarly has gone wide into other digital channels but for your project work, you need to use the Online Grammar Editor.

Before you get to using the grammarly editor, it will be useful to have your own draft of your project work ready, after all, grammarly doesn’t read minds to know what project you worked on, it only offers you a polished feed back of your work. So, no matter how unprofessional your writing my seem to you, Punch it in or paste it, or find any way you can to get into the text editor.

The Online Grammar Editor: This is the online text editor tool that is available on the grammarly website and it is free.  All you need to do is to :

1.      Visit the grammarly website here (you may open it in another tab to stay with me)

2.      Register with your email address and confirm your email address

3.      Come back to and sign in with your login details

4.      Copy and paste your text into the Text Editor and click Check

Note: I advise you copy your text paragraph by paragraph so you won’t get it all entangled.

5.      Review the grammar suggestions and response and make some adjustments where necessary.

6.      And that is it.


Other ways to make use of grammarly

1 The online Grammarly text editor: I explained this above.

2. As browser extension: You can download grammarly extension to your chrome browser, safari browser, Mozilla Firefox browser, edge or any other browser you have around. The benefit of having it as an extension to your browser is that it can now serve as your proofreader anytime and on any website.  And it is absolutely free to install and use. Still, you have no need to worry about it leaking your password or credit details because grammarly is built in a way that it doesn’t listen to words typed into sensitive boxes. You may check their privacy policy here.


4. Microsoft word on Mac

5. android and iOs Devices

6. Twitter accounts

7. Blogs


Benefits of using Grammarly for Project Writing

1.It is free.

Who doesn’t like free good things? I do. With a lot of competition everywhere, brands are giving some of their services free to people so as to stay relevant in their lives. I mean, if they can offer a perfect service for free, what do you think will be the quality of paid service they will offer: in simple word, ‘Topnotch’.

2. Saves time and improve efficiency

Grammarly is easing the amount of time one spends surfing the internet or browsing through the dictionary for idioms, synonyms and concurring words. It brings efficiency and maximizes efficiency by offering you on the spot correction for misplaced words like their for  there, here for hear and such like. It also avoids punctuation errors in your work, thereby preserving your intended meaning.

3. Lower the pressure of due dates

You don’t need the extra pressure of editing and proofreading your project work if you have grammery in mind. Your focus should be on your experiments, test results and questionnaire. So, lay aside the unnecessary pressure of the submission deadline.

4. Plagiarism Check

Grammarly compares your work to private academic databases and millions of web pages in the public domain. Any page with matching text appearing online is flagged and you will be informed.


5. Staying focused

Nobody, except of course , those boring university professors, love long sentences. They lose our main points. So, grammarly helps to trim down the overly long sentences while still retaining their meaning.

6.Valuable feedback

Depending on who you are writing to and for, grammerly helps you tune down or up your style, formality and tone, so as to make the most impact on your reader or audience.

7 Compelling Vocabularly

Grammerly makes your work to be free of unnecessary repetition by suggesting strong, relevant and precise alternative words or synonyms to blend into your writing.

Note: you can double click on any word to see an organized list of synonyms to go for.



To summarize, grammerly can also be used to tone up email writing to look professional, cover letters for job application, internship application, job application for confidence and other needs that require a touch of professional writing.