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300K Twitter Followers in 2.5 years : A case study and guide

300K Twitter Followers in 2.5 years : A case study and guide

Introduction In this article, I am going to share a real life case study of how a normal dude like us built a twitter following of more than 250 thousand audience in 2.5 years.  Stay with me. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform with 229 million active daily users worldwide. A huge following on twitter is often an authority. And of course, people are behind the numbers. To build a Twitter account from zero to thousands of followers does not come by accident. Conscious efforts were made and this article is just about how a guy did it. Why Build Twitter Audience Twitter still ranks among the top social networks and is still potent in building brand followership. Twitter should be seriously considered for its active usage among the millennials. Brand awareness of Twitter in Germany is at 89% and 86% in USA. In Japan, 87% of people aged between 20 and 29 use twitter in 2021 alone .  The great wealth transfer that is on going is putting billions of dollars into the han

Use this free Software to write your Project Content Body seamlessly

  In this article, I will be sharing how you can write your project's content body faster and better. If you are a college student writing your final year project or master’s thesis, there is no guess you will be putting in a lot of writing time to round up your finals. And you will need to communicate clearly and effectively in your writings. That can be a huge hurdle to jump through, especially if you have had your tests, experiments and questionnaire ready and complete. Below, you will find help on how to make the best use of your time with the available free tech services at your disposal. So, stay with me. Although, nobody expects you to deliver a perfect or artistic literary work, you are not writing a novel in the first place or at least not just yet. Besides, expressing your thoughts and ideas with clarity is often a remarkable quality that should accompany sound and quality education. So, you need it at least for the project work.  And that is where Grammerly comes in