6 Tips To Social Media Copy That Converts And Engages



There is no perfect copy and there is no foolproof way to write one. Brunt as it sounds, that’s a simple truth. Copywriting is an art that one gets good at with practice. The best copywriters write often.

However, following some guidelines and time-tested standards, a measure of success will be achieved in writing better copy for social media marketing.

Copywriting is a craft, it can be learned by anyone willing to learn.

It is worthy to note that social copy that converts has little to do with virality or reach, even if it finds its way to millions of feeds or views. A successful copy is one that gets the job done and often, writing a copy for a particular group of people (niche) to take a specific action is all it takes.

Without taking much time, let’s dive in.

1.  Write Towards A Goal 

 It is always easy to lose sight of the game when there is no goal to aim at. Never pick a pen to write or a PC to type on if you don’t have a goal in mind. Pretty everything good post that went viral did so because the writer got a goal in mind before writing. In digital marketing, goal is where every activity starts.

Every journey on social media starts with a goal, else, the digital marketer get lost amidst the noise and chaos that is characteristic of social media. Always have a buyer persona of your ideal customer and write specifically for him/her.  

2. Use Fomo Marketing. (Fear Of Missing Out)

Very few social media copies, written for sales conversion will ever convert if there is no piece of FOMO in it. Fomo marketing raises the sense of urgency in the mind of the audience and moves them to take action in the least possible time.  Often, people will postpone buying into a product or service sales promo if they sense the product or service will be available till they are ready or want to buy. The problem most times is that later often means never. With a few more scrolls, and your copy is gone, and another product will likely take its place in their minds. Fomo marketing, when mixed with the right blend of offers and captivating headlines will convert. Fomo can be crafted along with social proof, testimonials, or recommendations from a relevant expert in the product or service being sold.


3. Make Your Copy Clear and Concise

There is nothing as important in communication as clarity. The clearer and more concise a copy is the better. Aside from the fact that few people will pause to read your copy, fewer will read to the end. If they find it a long read or too technical at the start, they will scroll over. Social media attention span is greatly low and it is no place to make attempts at sarcasm or showcase your wits and hyperbole. Every sentence must serve a purpose. Get straight to the point as early as you can and be clear on it.


4. Use PAS formula (Problem- Agitate-Solve)

One simple formula to craft an enduring copy is to use PAS. It doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new solution to an existing problem. It simply means presenting problems in a way that makes people see you as the solution. Using PAS means you have to understand your audience and what their problem is. That is why it is necessary to create a buyer persona even if it does not capture your potential audience fully. My instructor at copyblogger will always advise creating a buyer even if it's not perfect. A typical PAS will have this skeleton:

Problem: Identify a problem your target audience have

Agitate: Agitate about their problem and how it is affecting them

Solve: Find and present the solution to them.


5. Be Conversational (Talk Natural)

There is no laid down style in human conversation and the same should apply to writing a copy. The extremely short attention economy on the internet will not allow the time for a stylish copy to gain an audience. As you can build and maintain a good human relationship with a conversation, the same applies to a good copy when people it to be authentic and trustworthy. Rules of grammar too can be broken in a copy so far the reader understands and get the point being discussed. Use common spelling in your copy so that your audience will sense you speaking in their language with a genuine interest to solve their problem.

6. Use Clear CTA (Call to Action)

It is a great crime to end a copy without an accompanying call to action. Every post on social media is an opportunity to hear and know your audience. A call to action not only makes sure your copy convert, but also allows people to know what to do next with your copy. They need to know where to buy, how to contact you, where to go etc. A call to action can be a link to where you want your readers to land or it can be a button. Whatever it is, your copy needs to motivate them to take the action. It is like telling them to take a certain action and stating to them why they need to take the action. Your copy must not end without one.



In summary, there are other few things that the writer may take into consideration when he wants to make his copy engaging and convert.

They are more like tips to achieve a better copy.

Revise and Rewrite: To arrive at a good copy, you will start from a first draft and, after making a lot of revisions and rewriting, arrive at a near-perfect copy. Its practice

Use Numbers: Numbered list can be scanned through for useful points and people will always want to be reminded even the very little things they know.

Use Hashtags: Different social media platforms differ on how important tags are. Twitter confirmed a 100% increase in twitter engagement for personal profile and 50% increase in engagement for brand accounts but facebook is not very popular with tagging but a healthy dose of 3 to 4 hashtags will do.

Pay attention to spelling and punctuation: you will not believe how irritating some customers get when they find grammar blunders in a post. Some won’t trust your entire copy because of that.

Be Mindful of your Tone: Don’t capitalize too much o your post. It is often interpreted