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300K Twitter Followers in 2.5 years : A case study and guide

7 Remote Services A Social Media Manager Can Offer?

  Introduction There are many services a social media manager can offer as a stand alone gig working remotely from home or anywhere in the world. In this article, I will list some of the comprehensive services and what the job description will look like. Stay with me   1 .  Account Creation And Optimization Believe it, many people, brands and business that have pages on social media have not fully optimized their pages to align very well with their products/services, messages or tone. Many businesses make the mistake of setting up their pages with little information about their brand. Some businesses have evolved to another service, yet their pages do not reflect that change. You will also discover, if you take time to search that some popular businesses you see in your city don’t have an active social media page. You will find out that a lot of them are either inconsistent with their social contents, have not posted any content in a long while, have lost their login details, g


6 TIPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA COPY THAT CONVERTS AND ENGAGES   INTRODUCTION  There is no perfect copy and there is no foolproof way to write one. Brunt as it sounds, that’s a simple truth. Copywriting is an art that one gets good at with practice. The best copywriters write often. However, following some guidelines and time-tested standards, a measure of success will be achieved in writing better copy for social media marketing. Copywriting is a craft, it can be learned by anyone willing to learn. It is worthy to note that social copy that converts has little to do with virality or reach, even if it finds its way to millions of feeds or views. A successful copy is one that gets the job done and often, writing a copy for a particular group of people (niche) to take a specific action is all it takes. Without taking much time, let’s dive in. 1.  Write Towards A Goal    It is always easy to lose sight of the game when there is no goal to aim at. Never pick a pen to write or a PC to type on if

Should I Use My Personal Social Profile For Business?

Should I Use My Personal Social Profile For Business?   Technology may grow but humanity never dies. As time had shown, there seems to be more authenticity when one connects with a personal profile than a page run by the same person. The feeling and level of engagement and response is more vibrant than when dealing with a company’s social media page. The reason for this is not strange. People love to do business with people and not companies. They seem to know that people are always behind the big and intimidating brands we see online, or at least, they will be happy to find out. As valuable as company pages are, it may be time for some small business owners to rethink how to use their personal profiles for business purposes. It is nearly impossible to make a sale or close a deal on social media if people don’t trust you or can’t trust you. It is easier to convert a prospect to a client by connecting them to your personal profiles first. Before buying, most clients will prefer t

How to Build An Email List with Social Media

 Build An Email List with Social Media In this article, I will share with you ways to build an email list with social media. So, stay with me. Email marketing is one of the oldest tools of internet marketing for growing an audience and building a brand. Little has changed since. With its own peculiar attributes and advantages, email marketing can give to businesses what social media could not. Though limited in its reach, it is a personal communication channel that helps turn your followers into lifelong customers. It is costlier to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. When businesses carry out a well-planned email marketing, they stand a chance to benefit in many ways because: Emails last longer in the audience's inboxes and can be found easily. Many people have more than one email address and technology has made it easy to check email using mobile devices. The good news is that you can then reach them virtually at any time.  Customers receiving phone calls in the

Social Media Influencer Marketer Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Influencer Marketer Trends  Influencer marketing is a whopping $13 billion industry and that is huge money to ignore. It is also predicted to grow to $84 billion by the year 2028, that’s 6 years from now. The real gist is that only those who follow the trend closely will benefit mostly from the growth. So, in this article, I aim to highlight some of the trends that influencer marketers should expect and keep them informed early on . This will help keep our attention on the substance rather than the shadow. Some of the trends are :  1. Video Contents is Getting Popular Text and images are the primary blocks the internet arrived with when it was built and got popular. Today, videos and audio have joined the list and are getting better both in clarity and quality. Thanks to improved technology. Inasmuch as text and images are not dying off, we admit the irreducible fact that we have come to a new phase of our human existence where everything is almost completely unrecognizable from what