7 Remote Services A Social Media Manager Can Offer?


There are many services a social media manager can offer as a stand alone gig working remotely from home or anywhere in the world.

In this article, I will list some of the comprehensive services and what the job description will look like. Stay with me

 1Account Creation And Optimization

Believe it, many people, brands and business that have pages on social media have not fully optimized their pages to align very well with their products/services, messages or tone. Many businesses make the mistake of setting up their pages with little information about their brand. Some businesses have evolved to another service, yet their pages do not reflect that change. You will also discover, if you take time to search that some popular businesses you see in your city don’t have an active social media page. You will find out that a lot of them are either inconsistent with their social contents, have not posted any content in a long while, have lost their login details, got their accounts hacked or don’t have any business page at all. Some SME’s that have desired to put their businesses online may not have found enough time to sit down and set up their business profile to their taste. Opportunities like this are what social media specialists can grab and earn some buck from.

Note: when gigs like this are done well, they often the open the door to other gigs to follow and may even get you a permanent role with a client.


Creating a social media account and build a detailed profile of client business



2. Manage Daily Post

A page is as active as the frequency and quality of posts it produces. And boy, quality posts take effort to produce. One thing every business owner who is managing his social accounts finds out sooner than later is that it is virtually impossible to both be an active business manager and content creator for a social media page. Burn out or low-quality page awaits any small business owner that is bent to do both.  That is why it can be offerd as a remote gig. A social media manager can be contracted and given an editor right to a page to be churning out contents at a regular basis for a fee. He may also be tasked to monitor his contents for responses and inquiries.

Social media specialists can be contracted to be producing posts for the business. Post here means a complete post: images and content together.


Producing, posting and monitoring Contents for a business on social media   


3. Copywriting

Copywriting is here. One of the underrated skills of new entrants to social media managing. Some may think that social media rewards any garbage you put up as a copy. Making consistent mistakes in your tenses or punctuations will misinterprets the whole copy. It may get some followers off or de-market the serious efforts you are putting into you brand. Poorly written copies will not convert, will not be shared and may not be engaged. As a social media marketer, paying attention to these little details can make a huge difference in your efforts with your client. Some clients may not have time enough to proof read all your copy, some may only have time enough for a glance but the day it is discovered, your chicken may be coming home to roost.


Producing high quality and engaging text for various social media use


4. Simple Graphic Design

Social media managers are not graphic designers, that is why I said simple graphic design.  That a social media manager will most of the time be doing both graphics and writing is nothing new or surprising. That may be part of the many social media job description you will see online.

Canva is a great tool to help out here. Even when you are using the free version like many amateur managers, your designs can look pro, even with a simple design.

I have worked with many clients that prefer a very simple design with very few colors and images. I began to see the beauty in simplicity after that experience.

You can offer the service too for busy clients as a stand-alone service or in suite with other service like copywriting. You decide how you want to work.


Study design requirement and producing attractive graphic content for different social media posts



5. Ad campaign creation

Social media advertising is the setting up and display of paid advertisement or sponsored contents on social media and targeting a particular customer niche to see it.

You should not confuse social media marketing to social media advertising. Social media marketing is the unpaid aspect of using social media to promote a business, it involves all the optimization effort you put into creating your brand awareness and reaching out to new connections and followers.

A social media manager should have a working experience of setting up a paid ad on one or two social media platforms.

This service is in demand as more business owners are waking up to the powers of social media for business.


Devising, creating and monitoring marketing campaign to meet business/client need


6. Consultancy Services

At this point, you would have noticed that there are very thin lines between the many social media services you can work from home.

Social media consultancy service can do one or many things, depending on ow you want to interpret it. Basically, a social media consultant helps businesses develop and implement strategy for their social media handles. He may need to be involved from the initial stage of creating an account, developing a strategy, managing it and analyzing it. There are many services a social media consultancy is expected to oversee, for that reason, getting proper education and working experience is necessary for a smooth ride on this one.


Planning, implementing and monitoring client’s social media strategy to meet business need


7. Customer Service Representative

For small businesses, social media and website is the first-place customers go to verify the authenticity of a brand. Website or social media page visitors can either be convinced by your many valuable posts or followers’ engagement.  As a social manager, there is enough opportunity in the role of online customer representative.


Providing answers and responding to customer inquiries through social media platforms related to client’s product and services.  

Basic requirement for this role are

Good understanding of the product or services

Good knowledge of your client’s business process

Good command of written English language



You can choose to offer this service as an all-in-one service at a fee to your clients or pick one or two that mostly interest you and master them as a side hustle. However, you shouldn’t just pick creating account and run off with it. Go for gigs like posting contents and creating graphics as they are more likely to sustain you.