Position yourself for the next Hiring Boom with Twitter and LinkedIn

 Navigating the job market during the challenges posed by the turbulence in the world is undoubtedly difficult. With hiring trends dipping and the economy facing uncertainties, job seekers are encountering increased competition and heightened stress. However, amidst these challenges, opportunities have emerged.
These are guidelines that can serve to help you in get yourself ready for the next wave of hiring in Tech

1: Update your résumé with transferable skills

Highlight transferable skills, versatile abilities applicable across roles and industries, such as strong writing, time management, and problem-solving. Structure your résumé around three main areas: systems-oriented, people-oriented, and self-oriented skills. This approach demonstrates adaptability and broadens your appeal to diverse employers.

2: Enhance your LinkedIn profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile by incorporating keywords relevant to your desired roles. Include your preferred job location, upload a professional photo, and personalize your banner photo. Engage with your network by liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content. Increasing your activity on LinkedIn enhances your visibility to potential employers.

3: Conduct informational interviews

Initiate informational interviews to gather insights into companies and industries, leveraging existing connections and reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn. These conversations serve to acquire intelligence on hiring companies and establish meaningful connections that may lead to job referrals.

4: Request job search referrals

If you've built connections during informational interviews, ask for referrals before applying to roles at their organizations. A referral boosts your application's credibility and increases the likelihood of serious consideration. Follow up politely one week after the informational interview to make your request.

5: Prepare for virtual job interviews

Research the company, industry trends, and the interviewer's background. Craft questions tailored to the company and your interviewer, showcasing genuine interest. Anticipate common questions about remote work and demonstrate your ability to manage tasks effectively. Dress professionally for virtual interviews and use non-verbal cues to convey enthusiasm and engagement.


This five-step guide for job application timeline empowers job seekers to navigate the complexities of the current job market strategically. While challenges persist, proactive and thoughtful approaches can position you as a strong candidate in the evolving landscape. Start your career advancement journey today.