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300K Twitter Followers in 2.5 years : A case study and guide

6 Tips To Earning With Content Creation In 2022

  Content is king and those that create them are nothing less than king makers. Content creators are individuals who produce digital contents/ materials for consumption online. Content creators create content/materials like videos, blogs, or social media posts, and images for business purposes or for clients. Businesses that want to build a social media presence will most likely need the services of a content creator.  Content creators are behind what we read, share, like, save, watch and engage with. Almost all social media platforms depend on content creators to thrive.   Social media is like a ravenous wolf, it is insatiable and for that reason, demands for fresh and relevant content will always be high and talented creators will always be sought out. In this digital era, any business that decides to go digital will almost immediately come to know why content is so important for business. This article focuses on starting out as digital content creator. So, stay with me Starting Out

Should I Use My Personal Social Profile For Business?

Should I Use My Personal Social Profile For Business?   Technology may grow but humanity never dies. As time had shown, there seems to be more authenticity when one connects with a personal profile than a page run by the same person. The feeling and level of engagement and response is more vibrant than when dealing with a company’s social media page. The reason for this is not strange. People love to do business with people and not companies. They seem to know that people are always behind the big and intimidating brands we see online, or at least, they will be happy to find out. As valuable as company pages are, it may be time for some small business owners to rethink how to use their personal profiles for business purposes. It is nearly impossible to make a sale or close a deal on social media if people don’t trust you or can’t trust you. It is easier to convert a prospect to a client by connecting them to your personal profiles first. Before buying, most clients will prefer t

Land A Job With LinkedIn In 8 Easy Steps

Linkedin has come to stay as a professional networking site and it is the largest of its kind. With users spanning across 200 countries and over 133 million of them coming from the United States alone, one cannot ignore linkedin when searching for a job, be it onsite or remote. In this article, I will share the 6 easy steps I have discovered to land a job with linkedin.  So stay with me. 1. Create A LinkedIn Profile And Optimize It The key to landing a jobon linkedin is to be discoverable . You cannot be seen where you are not. The same also applies on linkedin. Your profession may be in high demand in your immediate environment or elsewhere, yet, you will not be noticed if you are nowhere to be found on linkedin.   In this article, I will assume you have a linkedin account already. But if not, head to linkedin and get started.  After registration on linkedin, you need to optimize your profile page to be easily seen. An optimized profile page makes you easily discoverabl

How To Promote Digital Marketing Agencies On Social Media

  Promote your digital Marketing Agency the Right Way In this In this article, I will share with digital marketers how best to promote a digital agency on social media and I hope you will benefit from it.  Social media marketing agencies promote other people’s businesses online but may have not given a thought to how beneficial it is to promote their own businesses. Even with a tight schedule, it is advisable for any agency that aims to be in the business for long to consider putting up a strategy to stand out from the many agencies that are coming up every day. Clients, some of them, won’t just buy into an offer without doing some digging and research. And to do that, the first place to start is your social media page or website. Imagine how disappointed your prospective clients will be if they find an empty page. While trying to get your client to hire you or putting in much effort in pitching, digital marketing agencies need to pay attention to their social media pages and sites as